Style Rehab

Sue Yerou, Image Consultant

Finding a personal style is a journey of discovery, creativity, expression, and change.
“Let’s launch your new look!”

Style Rehab is a business designed to curate personal, functional and flexible wardrobes specifically tailored to fit your own unique lifestyle and look. If you’re feeling stuck and uninspired with your wardrobe, it may be the right time to hire a professional Image Consultant.

Who can benefit from a Style Rehab Session?
• Professional men and women who are too busy to shop
• Mothers re-entering the workplace and professional realm
• People who have never enjoyed shopping
• Individuals who desire help discovering their personal style
• Someone tired of the same old thing, wanting to refresh their look
• Travelers looking to plan wardrobes suitable for comfort, simplicity and no stress
• Starting a new job or new career
• Reinventing yourself

My extensive experience working with men and women from of all walks of life has given me firsthand knowledge about what items are best suited for your body type and lifestyle. Let’s get you feeling confident and comfortable, while looking your best for all occasions. Working with you on your wardrobe is a journey we take together, wrapped in fun and enlightenment for us both.

As an Image Consultant, I work with folks who want to make changes in their wardrobe – many are not happy or are overwhelmed by their closet when it comes to selecting the right outfit. I walk each client through this process and together we both get to witness the transformation happen right before our eyes. Clients find it safe and comfortable to reveal who they truly want to be. I help them rediscover items in their own closet, create pairings and combinations of things they might never before have put together. Transformations, big Ah-ha’s and a bright new confidence emerges as we work together to see the brand new you!

It is truly a gift to see the light from within come to the surface in that moment.