Style Rehab – Interview with a client

Style Rehab is thrilled to launch its first client interview via video!
I had the pleasure of working with Kim on two occasions, the first being a Closet Cleanse and the second, a Retail Pursuit – we went shopping!
I would like to express my gratitude to Kim for sharing with others what it was like for her to work on her wardrobe with the guidance of Style rehab.
The video is set up as 4 separate segments focused on different style tips for each segment. There is no specific order for watching them.
I hope these videos will inspire you, encourage you and educate you to express your personal style or to share these with others.

These videos were made possible with the video editing of Johanna Aquino.

Express Yourself and Embrace Your Shape

This client was eager to take small risks after purchasing several new items for her
wardrobe. She wanted to be reassured that these risks worked well with her her
hourglass shape and lifestyle as a single professional who also attends University .
These combinations allowed her express confidence in her style, while exhibiting
her shining personality. The mixed stripe patterns in the first outfit were her suggestion,
I added the white belt to bring attention to her waist emphasizing her hourglass shape.
The belt acts as the jewelry for this outfit and is a bold move that she pulls off brilliantly.
The red draped top in the center outfit is a feminine touch that really brought out
her personality as well as accentuated her figure. The long silver necklace in the outfit
to the far right helps elongate her figure, especially due to the ‘box’ shape created by
the white bolero cardigan against the black top.
Overall, this client’s goal was to create unique looks with her existing wardrobe that
would help bring out her confidence.
Here are a few more looks we created:

Miss Diamond Clayton – FIDM 2013 Graduate

I’m honored to introduce you to my protege, Miss Diamond Clayton
. This is a photo of her and me on the night of her Graduation from San Francisco’s highly regarded Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. 
Check out her glittering heels! They fit right in with the parade of black cap and gowns finished off with daring and dynamic shoes worn by the nights many female graduates. 
I thought that the ‘Universal’ dress Diamond is wearing is very fitting to her persona, “The sky’s the limit!”
Diamond graduated in June 2013 from FIDM with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications. Currently, Diamond is in the development stages of her Production company, Visionary In Production. I thought the name matched perfectly with who Diamond is; a leader with ideas and vigor.
Mentoring such an eager young woman has been a privilege for me. Advising Diamond teaches me the value in offering my life skills and experiences to someone as talented and enthusiastic as Diamond. Having worked with Diamond on a few projects, I am fully confident that she too, is making an impact in her industry as well as in the lives of her peers.
Congratulations Diamond Girl! Thank you for your support, interest, dedication and vivacity. You’re a joy to work with.
Stay tuned for more updates on Diamond and her journey into the world of Fashion Styling…