Brooklyn Mom – Korena Schlegel

Meet my friend, Korena. Korena lives in Windsor Terrace in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, Robby and 3 year old son, Hobbes. I had the pleasure of spending time with them in Brooklyn on my recent visit to NYC. I immediately noticed Korena’s 2 necklaces thinking they were one piece or at least made by a single designer.
Here is what she told me:
“These are two necklaces that look lovely separately but I like to wear together.
The vertical piece with the garnet is from a Tibetan store called Pema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I got it 3 years ago to wear with a deep v neck dress I planned on wearing to a wedding. The brass wingspan shaped necklace I bought from my favorite boutique in Park Slope called A. Cheng. The purple Claire Vivier bag is also from there. It’s a place I go when I feel like a little splurge.
I don’t shop much anymore since I have a three year old and another baby on the way.
I used to buy trendier pieces but now I try to pick out something of a higher quality that I know I’ll love forever.
I do restoration on vintage posters and prints which can get a little messy. When I’m working the rings and bracelets come off, but I can always wear a great pair of earrings and a necklace or two.”