Style Rehab designs a Silk Tank

Style Rehab would like to introduce you to the first phase of production of a
beautiful ivory Silk Tank that I am designing.

If we’ve had a Style Rehab session together then we have discussed the importance of the ivory Silk Tank in your wardrobe. After meeting with more than 100 clients it became very clear that most women dress in layers yet are consistently challenged by choosing the best option for the base layer. This is where I have found the Silk Tank to be a perfect option.

The Silk Tank not only feels wonderful on our skin, it drapes beautifully on all figures when cut on the bias as is the Silk Tank designed by Style Rehab. Ivory will be the launch color of the Style Rehab Silk Tank as I find it to be the most diverse and most effective. The ivory will brighten your outfit and give you a warm neutral to add your darker layers to.

Stay tuned for more updates on the development of this new endeavor.
Special thanks to Shane Fallon for facilitating, Eloisa @ Bay Threads and Petra Ostermuenchner for capturing these moments.