What To Wear to Work Today?

Are you confused by what is appropriate to wear to the office and what just won’t fly?
Juggling family, home and office can often be challenging enough, so curating a
master wardrobe made just for the office, is a perfect way to help ease your load.

From head to toe, you want to convey that you have it together. You are polished and
ready to take on any challenge you may face throughout your day. When we put on a
fabulous outfit, we stand with better posture, walk with a head held a little higher
and are confident when we shake the hand of that potential new client or co-worker.
Trust me, this will happen when your office wardrobe is well tailored for you.

These ensembles don’t need to include painful high heels or a tight fitted dress.
Here are a few tips when curating your successful office ensembles:
Really good basics are a key element to begin building with.
Start With The Basics:
Gold or brushed metal long necklace – medium weight chain with pendant or not.
Ivory silk tank
Black pencil skirt
Smoke grey wrap dress or empire waist dress with scoop or V neck.

Black, grey or dark denim trouser pants
Smoke grey blazer with only one or two buttons
Black bolero sweater
Nude closed toe low-med heels
ThriveMomma2015_Nude Shoe

A well-tailored 3/4 length mid-weight jacket
Mid-calf black leather low-med heel

Decorative items to add to your basics:
Colorful or patterned shoes – still keep the heel mid-low for comfort
ThriveMomma2015_Fun Shoe

Bright solid colored silk tank – red, magenta, turquoise or coral
A red blazer or bolero sweater (with no buttons)

Long narrow (rectangle shaped) scarves made of a lightweight material.
Accessorize with a decorative Belt rather than a long necklace.
Red or turquoise necklace. You can really have some fun with jewelry, but keep it classy and lightweight.

Jackets, jackets, jackets! This is where you should get most creative. From 3/4 length sweater coats to
silk short wrap jackets. Let this become your item that speaks for itself while being comfortable.

Additional tips:
Look to wear a color on the top that compliments your skintone – avoid lavender and chartreuse!!!
If wearing a skirt or dress, avoid wearing dark opaque tights – choose a sheer black instead and wear a slip!
Avoid wearing head to toe black – don’t be afraid to add some color with jewelry, scarves or shoes.

If you know you may be perspiring during your commute be sure to layer lightly by wearing a jacket with a sleeveless top under it.
Silk or very lightweight knits are best.

Be comfortable. Show your confidence. Keep it simple.
And call me to help you curate your victorious office ensembles!