Looking to support female entrepreneurs?

“How can I support local female entrepreneurs?”
Let me share with you a fabulous way to do just that!

QuarterTurn Clothing™ was founded by my dear friend and Oakland resident, Caroline Gick, who began strength training in 2010 to be a figure competitor. A former endurance runner, her body changed drastically once she hit the gym. This was a very good thing, but it also meant confronting the new problem of finding clothes to fit this new shape that could be worn in the professional environment of the library in which she worked. After crying many tears at home and in store dressing rooms, she realized that it was a fruitless and frustrating search. Nobody made appropriate workwear for her and other women like her. So, she decided to.

QuarterTurn Clothing™ is a unique line of Made in USA women’s wear, created by a female athlete for female athletes who have been waiting too long for beautiful wardrobe basics that fit their body. Their first product will be a beautiful, polished, and perfectly tailored shirt that is an essential in every woman’s wardrobe with a full line of wardrobe basics – blouses, jackets, pants, skirts, and dresses – to follow.

“Sounds like a really smart solution and dynamic business. I would LOVE to support Caroline – What’s the best way to do that?”

Caroline is running a funding campaign where you can contribute to help bring her line to life. There are several thank you packages to choose from, with discounts, gift certificates and the opportunity to receive her launch product, the Diana Blouse! We all love options!

I thank you in advance for supporting local female entrepreneurs and my very dear friend, Caroline and QuarterTurn Clothing™.

With much gratitude,

Sue Yerou