What’s My Body Shape?

Do you know what your Body Shape is?
What does that even mean?
We’re not all built the same, we can clearly see that even just amongst our friends.
Some of us are tall, others shorter, some have curves, others none, some very thin, others not-so-much. I have big feet, small breasts, nice shoulders, big biceps, a small waist and a round bottom with some hips. My legs are not very shapely but more straight with thicker ankles and round knees. But what does this all mean? How do I figure out my Body Shape?

Body Shape

So what shape am I and how do I figure this out?
The first thing I’m going to do is look at my body in a full length mirror. Scary!
But I gotta do it. I’m even going to do it just wearing my underwear. Ok, so here I am, looking in the mirror. What do I look at first? My legs, because that’s where I am most critical of my figure. It is what it is and I’m happy to work with what I’ve got
and do what I can to make improvements if its that important to me.

Now, back to what my body shape is. When I stand straight up I see that my shape looks more hourglass because my shoulders and hips are nearly the same width and my waist is smaller, creating what we call the hourglass shape. I can also measure my shoulders, waist, bust and hips to see the exact measurements. If my shoulders measured or looked more narrow than my hips I would look more like a pear. If my hips were more narrow than my shoulders and breasts, my shape would be more of an upside-down triangle. If I carried all my weight on my upper body that includes, shoulders, breasts, waist, hips but my legs were much thinner, my body shape would better match the apple shape. Notice how a scale played no part in my identifying my body shape. Whether you weigh 110 lbs or 310 lbs, the body shape is still identifiable.

Ok, I’ve identified my shape to be most similar to an hourglass, now what?
Knowing my body shape will help when I am choosing my wardrobe and getting dressed.
I want to show off my hourglass shape which means I want to be sure to wear well fitted
items and stay away from very baggy clothing – I never want to look like I’m wearing a box
or a bag – it’s just not flattering. My goal is to maintain the hourglass shape with my clothes
on. I want to wear V or scoop necklines and stay away from boat necks that will make my
shoulders appear wider. I want to draw attention to my curves but keep them proportioned.

The goal for every body shape is to create the illusion of the Hourglass shape. We can create
these curves and contours by bringing attention to the upper body. If I am a Pear shape,
I want to wear a patterned shirt to bring the attention to my upper body, a dark solid skirt or pant will hide my larger lower body. If I am the Wedge/Triangle shape, I want to draw the attention to my lower body using bold, bright colors or patterns and tone down my upper body with a solid color or fitted top. If I am the Apple shape, I want to bring attention to my shoulders and legs, I want to wear necklines that will elongate my torso, a V neck or scoop or cowl will break up the rounded shape. If my shape reflects a column, I want to wear layers, accentuated shoulders, tops and jackets that hit the waist, and more A line skirts or boot leg pants. Create the curves for all Body Shapes.

My favorite outfit for the hourglass shape is a fitted top, pencil skirt, medium height heels.

Let’s create your new wardrobe to accentuate your body shape!
So get in that mirror and then call me!

Motherhood. Art. Family. Friendship.

Let me introduce you to Maker Mamas through this video interview where
they will share with you their beautiful families, art and friendship through motherhood…

Maker Mamas is a collaborative art project founded by Danila Rumold, painter,
Lucy Miller Robinson, writer, and Jacquelyn Richey Krieger, maker of many.
Their intention is to make the unseen work of Motherhood and Women Artists
visible through the exploration of their art and their stories.

Maker Mamas 2015 from Sue Yerou – Style Rehab on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoy!