Hide my belly in that dress!


Trying to hide or camouflage your tummy in that dress?
I can relate to this plight!
From wearing body shapers under my dress to
wearing an oversized jacket over my dress,
I too have done my best to hide my bloated belly!
I have learned, through trial and error,
what dress shapes work best for my body shape
especially when I’m trying to also camouflage my tummy.
You know, like that time I ate half a watermelon
an hour before having to squeeze into that Little Black Dress (LBD)!
Yea, that dress wasn’t going to cut it, so I had to find one in my closet
that would hide my newly formed watermelon belly.

For more tips on how to camouflage, call me!
Let’s get together and review what’s in your wardrobe.
We can identify what works and adjust what doesn’t!
Or we can simply head out to the shops and start fresh!

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