What’s your Passion?

Someone asked me recently what my passion is regarding Style Rehab.
I wanted to share with you what my immediate response was.
“I’m most passionate in my professional life, of helping to guide my clients through transformation. When I see their reaction to seeing themselves in the mirror, the joy, the confidence, the new found self expression, is a gift to me. This fills my heart every time.
This shows me I am doing my service and it is being well received.
This is the impact I want to have on people. To help them reveal their true selves.
For people to express themselves in a way that allows them freedom. Allows them to best represent who they want to be, their best selves.”
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Happy Father’s Day


My Pops

My Pops has a heart of gold. He has old school values that helped shape who I am today.
He is a loyal man who loves to laugh and joke with the young folk.
He has stories of his childhood as a choir boy,
or how he and friends would hang out on the street corner or play stoop ball.
My Pops is a simple man. He held a 30-year career after serving in the US Navy
and then took on a new one, as a High School tennis coach for 20+ years.
Pops always has my back. He gives me unconditional love no matter what I do.
He has always been my biggest cheerleader and supporter.
He would drive me and my friends around town in his 1965 Chevy Malibu
as we all sang the tunes of his 60′s childhood.
My Pops has a love for the stars and the universe and the great beyond.
My Pops has given our family so many wonderful moments to cherish.
We traveled cross country in the family station wagon, where he enthusiastically
showed us this vast and amazing country. I think I most enjoy watching my Pops
share the stories of his life with my friends. He really digs in deep while making
it fun and full of laughter. They enjoy him as much as he enjoys them.
My Pops is a man who honors tradition; he’s mad for my mom’s lime jello mold
and he’s the only one who can carve the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner.
My Pops let’s his kids know he loves us more than anything in unique ways,
like the funny and creative cards he makes for us special occasions.
This man goes above and beyond for his family–I honor him
and am grateful to call him my Pops.
He is a one of a kind who I enjoy sharing with friends and now you,
my Style Rehab community. It was with the help of my Pops
that I discovered the name of my business as he and I brainstormed together.
I love and adore you Pops. Thank you for being you. Happy Father’s Day!
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How my tween son reacted to my Heavenly Silk


“I must have spilled something on it all day from my morning coffee,
to mid-morning smoothie, my lunch, water splatter from washing the dishes,
dog hair from petting my dog, and sweat from running around all day.
But, my friends said they didn’t even notice
until I pointed it out!
It has been light weight and soft and just feels yummy. Dare I say
I’d love to try the KIMOMO style
next in a different color!!!”
~ Connie Anderson

Connie Anderson, CPO® is celebrating 20 years in business this year!
Anderson Organizing
Organize “too much stuff” into the “right stuff”
so you have a foundation to maintain life balance.
Helping people turn chaos and clutter into calm,
clean and clutter-free in home and work spaces.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Mom and me pictured here, in Lake Merritt, when she and pops were in town for a visit.
My mom, or Ma as we often refer to her as, is a most remarkable woman.

My Ma always puts her family first. Her unconditional love and support for her children is unmatched. My Ma goes above and beyond for her community also, as a volunteer at her local hospitals, hospice and her church. My Ma makes sacrifices for me that often test her own beliefs, just so she can support mine. My Ma has taught me to believe in myself through her belief in me and my sometimes, risky choices. My Ma has always encouraged me to share exactly who I am without judgement. She has taught me to accept others as they are and to welcome anyone into my home despite differences. My Ma encourages my artistic expression, my adventurous explorations and my desire to live as my intuition guides me.

My Ma is a true gift who impresses me with her own evolution, her gifts of love and generosity and her gift to heal. I am honored to call my Ma, my mom.
I am honored to share her with all of you…I love you Ma