How my tween son reacted to my Heavenly Silk


“I must have spilled something on it all day from my morning coffee,
to mid-morning smoothie, my lunch, water splatter from washing the dishes,
dog hair from petting my dog, and sweat from running around all day.
But, my friends said they didn’t even notice
until I pointed it out!
It has been light weight and soft and just feels yummy. Dare I say
I’d love to try the KIMOMO style
next in a different color!!!”
~ Connie Anderson

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Video Message – Transformation

I recently received a review from a client along with a most beautiful email
describing her Style Rehab session with me. I was overwhelmed an honored by her
personal story of transformation and asked if I could share her email with you.
You can read her generous review on my Testimonials page.

“Let’s curate YOUR next look!”

Style Rehab Newsletter – Transformation from Sue Yerou – Style Rehab on Vimeo.