All sessions are $150/hr with a 2-hour minimum.
*Save $25 on all sessions lasting 3+ hours.
Complimentary Phone or Skype Consultation for 20 minutes.

Image Assessment

We all have a story, is your story aligned with your wardrobe, lifestyle and who you’re presenting to the world.
What to expect:
We will discuss in detail, your current lifestyle, work, home, hobbies, entertainment, etc.
You will share with me your view of yourself – How well do you know yourself?
We will identify which archetype best describes your personality and motivation.
We will identify personal goals and make a plan of action for the desired results.
What you will learn:
• What adjustments are needed to achieve your personal goals.
• Suggested resources to begin incorporating into your life.
• How to maximize your talents and gifts.
• Tools for personal growth and empowerment.

Closet Cleanse

Are you secretly afraid to open your closet?
This session is dedicated to cleansing your wardrobe and creating a more effective one with what you’ve already got.
What to expect:
• We will arrange, purge and modify the current condition of your closet, giving it a fresh new feel.
• You’ll rediscover fabulous items you forgot you had or those that you never thought you could wear.
• We’ll use accessories like scarves, jewelry, and shoes to curate more completed outfits.
• Items will be selected for you to have dry-cleaned, altered, consigned or donated to charity.
What you will learn:
• What works best for your body shape and how to camouflage any areas of concern.
• How to organize your closet to best serve you.
• How to save space in your closet.
• Your most intimate relationship is between you and your closet, are they telling the same story?

Mindful Shopping

Do you find clothing shopping to be overwhelming or difficult?
This shopping session is an opportunity for you to learn the best retail practices and begin to shop with confidence.
What to expect:
• We’ll create a goal shopping list of items and destinations that will best serve within your budget.
• I will assist you in finding our goal items and you will be encouraged to try on all items.
• We may bring items from your closet with us on our shopping excursion to best match for styling.
What you will learn:
• I’ll teach you the difference between an impulse buy and a valuable purchase.
• How to find timeless pieces or those with the “wow factor” suited appropriately for your lifestyle and wardrobe.
• How to better scan through a rack of clothing.
• How to navigate through a store or boutique and questions to ask.

Additional Services Include:
• Packing for a trip, business or pleasure
• Special event wardrobe
• New role at the office – promotion
• Business presentation or speaking engagement wardrobe
• Costuming
• Choosing your signature fragrance
• Hair and makeup consultation
• Body shapers and undergarments