Ashley D

“I contacted Sue to clean out my closet and get my wardrobe and looks to match how I felt I wanted to look. Being a tshirt and jeans kind of girl, this was very new to me and I was very much looking forward to getting this accomplished. I absolutely cannot believe how fabulous Sue and her methods are.

What stuck out the most to me and what I felt was the best part of the whole session, was Sue’s enthusiasm! She gives out this amazingly contagious energy that set a wonderful tone for our session. She has been able to give me so much confidence in what I had gotten for a wardrobe and helped me plan a great way forward.

The lookbook that she made for me is beyond marvelous. She used the pictures to show me (and allow me to reference back to) how all my pieces coordinate together, how to use what I have to create even more ways to fully utilize my items.

Not only am I beyond happy that I used her service, I am greatly looking forward to our shopping trip to get more items and build up my basics.

I would give her 10 stars out of 10 if I could :)

Nancy M

“This review is long overdue… Sue is a remarkable and irreplaceable find! I hired Sue about 3 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. She is extremely talented and knowledgeable with fashion, organization and so much more. Sue immediately made me feel comfortable. I feel I have an eye for fashion, however I noticed I kept purchasing clothing that I didn’t wear or wasn’t that flattering to me. (what a waste of $$) We went through every piece of clothing, shoes and accessories. I could finally breathe in my closet and find things to wear. Less stress in the mornings for sure.
Sue also showed me how to be comfortable in my body and appreciate myself for who I am and what I look like. I felt like I had a new outlook and felt more confident!
So… after 3 years, my closet is still organized, I am careful about what I purchase, remembering all I have learned. I have called Sue back for a refresh and we even planned a shopping trip. I would never hesitate to refer Sue to anyone – male or female.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sue!”


“I just finished my first style rehab session with Sue Yerou and I can’t stop smiling. I’m asking myself how many days in a row I can get away with wearing what I’ve got on right now! We touched nearly every article of clothing in my closet, including jewelry, scarves and shoes and I’m now armed with more combinations than I thought possible. Sure, Sue looked for a flattering cut and complementary shades, but she also noticed the expression on my face. She made a point of bringing it to my attention when a particular outfit had me beaming. And all of my voiced insecurities (it’s that safe) were met with kindness and resourcefulness. It turns out my figure challenges are no big deal! I felt listened to throughout the process. And the “meh” pile (all my decisions) was not as big as I thought it would be. By the time we were finished, all the keepers were back in my closet but considerably more organized. Nice!”

Marisa M

“I’m 57 years old, never had much sense of style and still don’t know how to dress myself in a way that makes me feel confident and current.I had a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. After reviewing a number of websites I choose to do a “closet cleanse” with Sue and our 3 1/2 hours together was well worth the money. She definitely knows her stuff with regards to fashion and was able to tell me what worked with my body type and coloring and what I needed to let go of. Her caring and supportive approach put me at ease from the start. What impressed me the most was her efficiency and ability to multitask through the whole process. She immediately sorted all my clothes (solid colors, prints, casual tops, formal etc…), organized my closet and neatly folded items to be donated. Sue helped me discover that I actually do have some interesting outfits and more fashion sense than I had been aware of. It’s a wonderful feeling to “let go” of of clothing that doesn’t serve you any longer and great for the psyche. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Looking forward to working with Sue in the future.”

Nancy D

“Sue is extremely talented and truly professional. I strongly recommend her. She has a real eye for color coordination and style that flattered my figure and style. She helped me purge the things I had a difficult time parting with and gave me suggestions on things I needed to replace them with. Most of all, I enjoyed how she matched things with a style that I never thought of putting together. I have actually received compliments lately on some of these outfits. What a great Valentine’s gift from the hubby. Thanks, Sue…… so fun and such a treat having you.”

Kathy S

“I’m not the best at shopping and have always tried to find retail sales people to help me. This usually doesn’t work since in store sales people are often selling and not giving advice on style and color that fits me.
What a difference with Sue Yerou!!! Would definitely recommend Sue if you’re looking for the best to guide you through the confusing, overwhelming maze of styles and color. I don’t pay much attention, then suddenly I need a dress for a wedding, outfit for a cocktail party, or just a new pair of jeans and casual top. What’s going on in fashion? What works for me? I have no idea??! I’m afraid of my own closet. Looks pretty out of style in there. Maybe something can work, but what? Most often I go out shopping and it’s so time-consuming and hard to figure out.
Sue fixed all that for me. She came over to my house and did a closet rehab. Sue is incredibly quick. She went through all my clothes in an hour. She recommended piles….give away, consign, keep. Then she put items together and created cool outfits. Amazingly, I did have things that work in there!
Sue had many ideas like add a nude color camisole under the black mesh cocktail party top, and buy a kitten heel black pump and bolero. Simple upgrades that make a big difference. After we met, Sue sent links so I could buy these items online….easy!
Sue has a critical eye, advising me not go invest in more cotton tops, get a few dressier tops instead. She sent pics and links with great looks/colors. Bought a few online….easy again!
Next session, after making a list of items I wanted/needed, Sue and I ventured out to a consignment store and jewelry store. Awesome discount prices for like-new pieces. Sue knows where to go. Miraculously in 2 hours, Sue found everything on our list and it all works so well. I got a new leather jacket that fits me so much better, shorter, more fitted. Then consigned my old boxy jacket.
Sue taught me a lot along the way and I now feel so much more confident to put it together. I feel like I look my best, current, not frumped out.
What’s the downside? Sue is not free. $150/hour can add up. But Sue is so worth it! She is very fast and efficient. Knows where to get the best pieces at lowest cost ie consignment, Macy’s, White/Black Store, Soft Surroundings etc. Sending links, phone calls, new info from her website. Sue is generous with her time, goes over some if needed, not like a rigid therapist.
Bottom line…..I give Sue the highest rating and I’m at ease knowing I can contact Sue with my next wardrobe malfunction, need or emergency.”

Hillary C

“Sue was hands down amazing. Exactly what I was looking for. She is super easygoing, very quick and efficient, and fun! I needed help packing for my summer trip to NY and Europe. I knew I could be doing so much more with my current wardrobe, but I needed help putting outfits together, and I needed a push to step out of my boring comfort zone. Sue was amazing! She came over and showed me how to wear jackets, belts, clothes I had ignored because I didn’t know how to wear them. We took pictures of all my outfits, so I could remember them, and I’ve already referred back to them in the last day since our session. Sue also helped me to identify what key items I was missing, and she gave me suggestions of where to find them. After she left, I was so inspired, that I put together another few cool outfits myself, that I never would have come up with on my own.
THEN…I needed a dress for a wedding in London. She took me shopping and I found 3 amazing designer dresses and a pair of shoes for CHEAP.
The value for these sessions was ridiculously good. I will absolutely book another session when its time to start my job in the fall.”

Sylvia C

“I did the “closet cleanse” because I had a lot of old things that I was clinging to in the desperate hope that I would one day love them and start wearing them regularly again. Sue was the voice of reason allowing me to let go of that baggage. I really felt like I was hopeless, devoid of any style whatsoever and it was really encouraging/gratifying to get her professional opinion, renewing my confidence in the choices I’ve made over the years. It turns out, my dresses and shoes are not too shabby and I’m not going to have to spend a ton of money to overhaul my “style.” Using scarves and other accent pieces, I will be able to reinvigorate my wardrobe without breaking the bank, woohoo!”

Kim C

“Best money I ever spent! For the cost of what I would have spent on one
outfit, Sue helped me find 25 different outfits – by “shopping in my own
closet”. Sue took a fresh look at what I already own and mixed and matched
to create so many great new looks. She took pictures of me in the new
outfits and gave them to me in a “Look Book”. So now it’s easy to get
dressed in a hurry every morning. Just flip open the Look Book and pick out
a fully-accessorized outfit, throw on the clothes, and run out the door
looking great! 5 minutes tops. Whatever the occasion – day at the office,
giving a speech at a conference, vacation or date night – I know I’ll look my
best without having to think about “what am I going to wear?” Sue is
amazing and fun to boot!”

Kelli L

“Well… I knew it was time for a closet redux when I moved into a place with
a much smaller closet. So, I called in Sue and we went to work. I hadn’t
realized until she pointed it out, but my wardrobe was about 80% black.
Black dresses, black shirts, black pants, black shoes and skirts. It was a
bit… funeral-ish. So, we purged about 50% of the black and then went
shopping for color pieces. She took me to little known boutiques and knew
all the best seamstresses and shoe repair people in the area. Needless to
say… I’m complimented every time I walk out the door in one of Sue’s
suggested outfits. I’m a fan. (Plus — she’s FUN! And works with YOU. She
didn’t try to make me into something I’m not. I like easy, comfortable and
classic with a slight edge and she totally made it happen — just in more

Kim B

“I like to shop and consider myself a fairly fashionable person but lately I
have felt like I have been in a rut. On top of that, with a new job, moving to
a new place with a new climate, I really felt like my wardrobe needed an
overhaul. Sue is just fantastic. She helped me to get out of my comfort
zone and try new clothes, new styles, new colors and new places to shop -
it’s really amazing. It’s easy to think you don’t need to pay someone to go
shopping, but it’s actually very economical. Not only did working with Sue
save me a ton of time, but if I had tried to buy the same amount of pieces
myself, I easily would have spent 4x as much money. Sue is incredible at
finding quality pieces at great prices and her fees pay for themselves several
times over. She really took something that would have been stressful, with
a new job and a move, and took on the work of efficiently weeding out my
wardrobe and finding an amazing amount of new and great pieces so that I
could focus on the “fun” part of shopping for a new wardrobe. After one of
our sessions she also sent me a link for a great pair of shoes because she
knew I needed them, and I swear I have been stopped on the street and
asked where I got my shoes – it’s really incredible, I highly recommend
adding Sue to your corner (of your soon-to-be great closet)!”

Reshma T

“I had a gift certificate and thought I would try a personal shopping session. I originally thought that was super extravagant and something I thought I would never do. But I’m so glad I did!

Sue listened to my budget and we went to the Great Mall in Milpitas and hit the Old Navy Outlet, Gap Outlet, and Banana Republic Outlet. In the end (4 hours later), I had some great pieces (over 20) and did not break the bank. I had clothes for work and going out. Sue was so warm, friendly, patient with me. She really got me to try different styles while listening to what made me most comfortable. In the end, she put together a “Look Book” that reminded me of the combinations of the clothes I bought.

I would highly recommend Sue. I can’t wait to shop with her again and maybe even do a closet cleanse.”

Jennifer C

“I had a closet rehab session with Sue last month after buying one of her Livingsocial deals. She had me prep my closet by laying out all the clothes I wasn’t sure about. I wasn’t sure what to expect when she showed up at my house a bit harried after flying in from New York, but Sue ended up being super helpful and I had a great time in the process. Sue clearly has a passion for clothes, and she enthusiastically and energetically went through my clothes putting together outfits in combinations I had never thought of before. She definitely has an opinion, but she’s not pushy and she very quickly figured out what kind of style I naturally liked and went with that. Sue worked quickly and I would say that our full time together was worth it, but she does charge by the hour and you have to be mindful of when you want to end the session or you might have a much bigger bill than you expected. Next time I work with her, I’d want to just negotiate the time beforehand so that I don’t feel pressure during the session about the time. In the end though, I felt like she saved me a lot of money by the fact that I “rediscovered” a ton of outfits already sitting in my closet rather than spending money to go buy a bunch of new stuff.”

Jennifer D

“Sue styled my outfit for an interview with a trendy company in the city. She
helped me find clothes that looked great on my body while being stylish and
professional. That’s a tall order. Best of all, shopping with Sue, is like
shopping with your mom but better because Sue knows trends of today!!
Like mom, Sue really cares that you look good and feel great, and she
knows all the secrets like slips and shoe inserts.”

Heidi W

“The great thing about Sue is that she helps you evaluate what looks good
on you and doesn’t care what the latest trend is. She gave me the
confidence to try things I wouldn’t normally try, and they looked great! She
really does have a quick eye in a store so she hones right in on good options
and knows just how to put things together to accentuate your best features.
Definitely a fun and eye-opening experience!”

Rich S

“Sue listened to my interests, made a few suggestions of things to try, and
noted that it was an experiment and didn’t need to be permanent. She
seemed very present when we spoke. Her advice seemed tailored to me,
not generic. She gave brief explanations of why her advice would work on
me, which was nice. All of which, encouraged me to take the plunge and try
new things with my hair.”

Rose B

“Shopping has always been a bit of a daunting exercise for me – either I go
utilitarian and simple or trendy with pieces that don’t really go with my
lifestyle. Sue to the rescue! She is fabulous – she has a great eye and can
see how something will look before I try it on, saving time and opening me
up to options I’d never consider. And Sue always gives me honest, sound
advice that helps me make choices that really fit me, my lifestyle and my

Jessica M

“I worked with Sue a few weeks ago for a retail therapy session, and she
was IMMENSELY helpful, not to mention a BLAST to shop with. I recently
started my MBA and have been feeling really bland and unprofessional in my
wardrobe, and wanted help to create a versatile business to casual wardrobe
with some flair. Sue was super energetic and really listened to me. She gave
me HONEST feedback and helped me find cuts and colors that are super
flattering. Above all, she made me feel like a billion bucks, even on a
student’s budget. I haven’t had so much fun shopping in a long time! The
best part is that she really taught me to TRY THINGS ON- I was amazed at
how much I like pieces that I wouldn’t have normally thought to even try.”

Paula P

“Sue was such a pleasure to work with and so, so, SO helpful! I get really
uninterested going shopping, and feel like time is better spent
elsewhere…but a lifetime of this didn’t leave me with many wardrobe
options! Boring and safe was pretty much what suited me, and I really didn’t
like it, folks. When I met Sue she was so supportive, and when we went
shopping she made it so easy. In 2 sessions I had an entirely new
wardrobe, with some really beautiful pieces that I LOVE and without
spending all of my money, either! Such a great experience, I would
recommend her to anyone struggling with putting it together style-wise.”

Dianna M

“I never really understood fashion, nor was I interested in it until Sue Yerou
came for a visit. I have worked with Sue Yerou on my style over a few
sessions and have seen a difference. The combinations she taught me to
put together started out as being not in my comfort zone until the
compliments started to come in. Sue set me up with a picture menu of the
various combinations of outfits I could create from my closet. It opened me
up to being more creative and trying my own set of combinations. When
shopping, I now have a new eye for what can be right for my body. Thank
you Sue!”

Cecelia D

“I consider myself fashion forward and generally aware of what works for me
and what does not, but Sue came over and helped me get out of my fashion
“box.” Imagine that your good friend from college (lets say) visited and the
two of you went through your closet and came up with totally new
combinations that hadn’t ever occurred to you. It was like going shopping
and getting all these new outfits while not spending anything, except of
course for her very reasonable fee. Also so lovely to get a completely
objective opinion about fit and if something appears dated. I asked her to be
honest and she was but with absolutely no attitude. She understood the look
I like and we worked from there. The follow up was great as afterwords I
couldn’t remember all the pieces we had put together (she photographs and
then creates a “look book” for you) plus suggestions about key items and
where to find them. All in all a really fun and illuminating experience. I
highly recommend Sue’s services.”

Michelle W

“Sue came over and took a good hard look at what already hung in my
closet. She was able to combine some outfits that were entirely fresh and
cute. She gave me a short, affordable list of must have additions and where
to acquire them. Sue also photographed me in every cute new get up and
coordinated the outfits in my closet. I was left with pics to remember each
ensemble by. I was so pleased!!! She saved me a bundle of money and
helped me freshen my summer look!”

Monika L

“Sue is very inspiring to work with. She could help me exactly the way I
needed, which was to create some new and fresh combinations for my closet
content. Now, I feel like I had done a major shopping spree, as if seeing
some of my clothes for the first time. Thank you, Sue!”

Kristin L

“I can’t say enough good things about Sue! I’m a mother of a one year old
and I don’t have a lot of time in the morning to pick an outfit. She went
through my closet and put things together that I never would have, which
was great! She also put together a list of things that she suggested I buy to
compliment my wardrobe. Loved her & I will definitely call her again!!!”

Terrie E

“Style Rehab’s creator, Sue, is a combination of fairy godmother, color
artist, therapist, and organizer supreme. Woohoo is right, I will vouch for
that! Sue is a natural at putting together items you already have and may
never have dreamed of putting together or adding a couple of pieces to a
well stocked closet. We looked at every piece of clothing in my closet and
she did a thorough closet cleanse – love that term. Taa daa….5, yes 5, big
bags full of things to donate and 55 pieces of clothing to consign later my
closet is a dream come true, well organized and it all works well for me -
personalized to fit my closet and better yet my lifestyle.I trust Sue to speak
the truth about what she sees is best for me, not for anyone else’s style
because she truly listens to her clients. She worked intently with me on
“accentuating the positive” and was sensitive to my needs.Do yourself a
favor, give her a call and get on board to liven up your closet, image and
have tons of fun in the process!! Sue, you rock sister!!”

Laurin M

“I have wanted some wardrobe advice for years and finally called on Sue for
help. She didn’t disappoint. She immediately went to work creating outfits
out of the clothes and accessories I already own. I thought I didn’t have
pieces that worked together, but she showed me many outfits I never would
have thought of. She also helped me weed out some things that didn’t work
for me and keep some things that I wasn’t sure about. Definitely worth
every penny, because 1) I returned some items I had purchased that didn’t
work for me, 2) I have a much clearer picture on what to buy to complement
what I already have.3) I will probably make some money selling the things
I’m parting with on consignment. I was a little nervous about letting a
stranger into my closet, but she made it easy and fun!”

Patty M

“I thoroughly enjoyed our visit in August. The next day I wore the red, white & gold scarf to work with the white sleeveless blouse and black slacks and got a couple of compliments!!! Thank you for sending the wardrobe photo suggestions. It helps to have a reference as we covered a lot in the time you were here. I ordered the Kohl’s blouse as you recommended. I’ll let you know how it works out. Thanks again and I may pick your brain in the future, if unsure about coordinating an outfit. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a pair of neutral/camel shoes.”

Donna B

“Sue has great style: fresh, individual, not a slave to exactly what’s on
the runway while knocking her look out every time. It is this relaxed,
intuitive, artistic approach to fashion that attracted me to Sue’s personal
services. What I already have, combined with some vintage, consignment
gems and a few seasonal must haves, create looks that are confident and
hot–what every the occasion demands!”

Virginia L

“Sue is such a pleasure to work with. She’s fun, energetic and has a keen
eye for style. Since I have changed careers/industries, I needed a wardrobe
update. Sue took my “style” from a corporate, understated look to a more
creative, fresh, energetic look with a wonderful Panache. I am more
confidant and even feel younger with my new “Sue Style!” LUV it!”

Andrea D

“Loved it! Best buy from Living Social yet! Made many new outfits getting
from my own closet and saved money…”

Aaron S

“I love my new wardrobe and had a lot of fun picking it out. Sue was great!”