Music & Style

Has music ever influenced you to create an outfit?
Today, while listening to Jazz Era vocalist and musician, Nick Lucas,
I decided to style my hair, makeup and wardrobe in 1920′s fashion.
I had fun curating my style and felt great when I walked out the door!
All afternoon, it was as though I was tiptoeing through the tulips…

Women – Breaking Barriers

The Women’s Movement has ignited and is in full force all around the world. It is undeniable and I am thrilled to be a part of this time in history. Women are breaking all kinds of barriers and changes are happening that inspire and change the world!
Get ready, get on the train, be a part of history. Rise UP!

The power of the DVF wrap dress

What do these 5 photos have in common?
I first found this blue wrap dress while shopping consignment and living in Sydney, Australia, I knew right away that this wrap dress was a knock off of the infamous DFV wrap dress. Diane Von Furstenberg is a fashion icon and fabulous female entrepreneur. The dress fit me like a glove – the wrap dress is suited for most body types. I loved it and felt great in it.

When I moved to San Francisco, I was eager to go consignment shopping. Lo and behold, I found the same DVF knock off, same color, same wrap, same size, different label. I bought it. I cut the SF dress to wear as a shirt so I could have the versatility from this dress I love.

Next I saw this image of DVF and I had to compare it to my ‘selfie’ wearing my knock off and Boom! There it is, me, side by side with DVF!

Shortly after that, I noticed this image on the wallpaper in my bathroom, of a woman wearing the same dress pattern, though not a wrap dress, I thought it may have been an inspiration for Miss DVF. Yes, my bathroom is wallpapered with Pre-War Shanghai posters showcasing “the modern woman” – quite appropriate for me…I knew I had to add it to this collection.

Recently I went to SFMOMA and as I walked into the main entrance,
I was greeted by this massive graphic above me, yes, this pattern and color was very familiar to me and I had to take the photo of it to compare it with these dresses. Boom, again! 

This past week while hunting the shops on Haight Street, I saw this shiny dress hanging above me, I could not deny the pattern and color and had to add it to this collection. I’m just waiting for the next one to share with you!

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Morning Glory Boutique, Burlingame, CA

Took some time to visit a wonderful boutique in Burlingame,CA.
@morninggloryboutique has not only chic collections but extremely friendly staff.
You will feel sexy and romantic in this boutique. I had such a great time
selecting my favorite items that include a repurposed shrug by
my friend @mirandacaroligne, a gorgeous wool coat made in Iceland
and the most contemporary designed dress/pant jumpsuit that made me feel
extremely sexy. Check out all the goodies in my video.

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Valentine’s Day – Outfit Preparation

Valentine’s Day ensemble from my toes to my ears.
Today I wore my lovely pink top that makes me feel wonderful!
But tonight is Date Night with my Guy. We were headed to
a fancy dinner in San Francisco and I wanted to look fancy.
This video points out the items I chose to create my look for the date.

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Add a scarf to it!

added this hand dyed silk scarf made by my dear friend, Katherine Blackburne, a NYC artist.
“Just add a scarf!” this will make your day too!
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
A day to feel alive, loved and in love with ourselves above all

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