Video Message – Transformation

I recently received a review from a client along with a most beautiful email
describing her Style Rehab session with me. I was overwhelmed an honored by her
personal story of transformation and asked if I could share her email with you.
You can read her generous review on my Testimonials page.

“Let’s curate YOUR next look!”

Style Rehab Newsletter – Transformation from Sue Yerou – Style Rehab on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Video Message – Transformation

  1. I love working with Sue! She’s always able to find a new way for me to use what’s already in my closet. When out shopping, she can see what will work for me even before I put it on, often times finding things that I’d never try on my own but look great, thus helping me further broadening my fashion comfort zone. But at the same time, being sensitive to my personal style and body issues. Her creativity and enthusiasm for me to look my best are contagious. :)

    • Rose, you have such a dynamic personal style and I enjoy supporting your ever expanding wardrobe to be the best representation of your edgy style.

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